Updated on: 6 June, 2021

Technitium DNS Server Privacy Policy

This document will help you understand what information we collect, what we don't collect/know, and how its used.

Information We Collect

Technitium DNS Server does not require any kind of registeration and thus no personally identifiable information is collected except that the technitium.com web server maintains logs and will log your IP address and web browser details (which are usually logged by any web server) when you download the software from the website. You may use Tor Browser to download the software if you wish to mask your real IP address and web browser details.

Technitium DNS Server uses HTTPS secured connections to check for updates and to get a list of DNS Apps available on the DNS App Store. These requests are made by the DNS server itself on behalf of the user logged into the web console and thus no information about user's web browser is transmitted. The web server logs for these requests will thus have the IP address of the DNS server itself. If a HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy is configured in the DNS Server settings, then all the outbound requests including update check requests and DNS App Store requests will use the configured proxy server in which case the IP address of the proxy server will be logged by the web server.

The block list URLs provided in the DNS Server settings are hosted by 3rd parties not related to Technitium. The web servers hosting these block lists may have logging enabled and in such case will log the IP address of the DNS server or the proxy server if HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy was configured.

Information We Don't Collect/Know

Apart from the web server logs, we do not collect/know any information of any user using the software.

How We Use Your Information

The web server logs are used for statistical analysis and security purposes.